A Church That Cares for You

Pastor Mark Chartier

I was saved as a young boy while we were attending a Baptist Church. I came under conviction and realized that I was a sinner and headed for hell unless I accepted the payment that Jesus made on the cross. My mother reaffirmed what I had learned in church about Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. She told me if I asked Christ to forgive me of my wicked sin and to save me that He would. I bowed my head and in simple, child like faith told God that I was sorry for my sin, and asked Him to forgive me of my sin.

I went to Church for some years with my parents until they stopped going. After many years of not being in Church, as a teenager I began to live a worldly life. I began hanging around with the wrong crowd and that influenced my life negatively for many years. After many years God chastened my parents, and this brought them back into Church. They began praying for me, and in a matter of eight months God began to chastise me also. I started attending services here and there and felt the need to make a decision to either quit going to Church and having a preacher tell me how all the things I was doing were wicked and wrong, or I needed to stop living the wicked life I was living. One night in 2000, I made the decision to forsake the way I was living and the next morning in prayer I got my heart right with God, and cleaned house.

At that time I was in a relationship with Nickole. She had been coming to Church with me, and one Wednesday night, after raising her hand that she was not sure she would go to Heaven, she was lead to the Lord by the pastor’s wife. That was in September of 2000. Soon after her salvation we felt it to be the will of God for us to be joined together in marriage. On July 14, 2001 we were joined in marriage at the Bible Baptist Church of Owosso.

In the next few months, as I prayed and read my Bible, God led my wife and I to Parker Memorial Baptist Church, where we started attending the Lansing Baptist Bible Institute. For the next four years, while going to school, I became involved in many aspects of the ministry at PMBC.

After attending the Bible Institute and seeking God’s will, on June 13, 2004, in a preaching service, God placed His stamp of approval on my life to preach and to serve Him full time with my life. My life’s desire was to preach, and I got the assurance and confirmation that it was what God wanted me to do.

Shortly after that, God began burdening my heart about a ministry that was already at PMBC, a Bible Publishing ministry. As I began asking questions, and seeking God’s will everything was leading me that way. I counseled with my pastor about working in the ministry here and he told me that he had been waiting for me to see the burden and get involved. That sealed it in my heart. On October 20, 2004, we had a commissioning service and my Local Church commissioned me to be a Bearing Precious Seed missionary. I was sent out under the authority of PMBC. We have served there full time since that date.

While visiting to fill the pulpit at Wolverine Baptist Church on December 20th, 2015, the Lord placed a burden on my heart to go and help this Church. I started feeling a desire in my heart to fulfill the need of a pastor. Up to this point in the ministry I have not been seeking to be a pastor. I have had peace with working in my Local Church as a missionary printer and youth director. But, as I prepared to go preach and while I was at Wolverine Baptist, I felt God pulling on my heart for the Church family, and the need they had of a pastor. After much prayer, seeking God’s will and council with my pastors we came and candidated at WBC. On February 21, 2016 I preached and the WBC voted us to become their pastor. We are looking forward to serving here in Wolverine MI with our Church family!