Sunday School 10am
Morning Worship 11am
Afternoon Worship 1:30pm
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Studay 7pm
(231) 525-8674

About Us

For purposes of identification, Wolverine Baptist Church shall be known as a Fundamental, Independent, Bible–believing, Baptist Church.

  • We are Fundamental because we hold to the literal interpretation of the Scriptures.
  • We are Independent because we are self-governing and self-supporting, and are not subject to any outside authority, governmental or ecclesiastical.
  • We are Bible-believing because we accept only the Authorized King James Version of the Scriptures as the word of God for the English-speaking people.
  • We are Baptist because we hold to the historic positions and distinctive doctrines that distinguish us from both Protestantism & Catholicism.

Located in the quaint Village of Wolverine, conveniently off of I-75 exit 301 & historic OLD 27, where the Sturgeon River graces through and the largest free roaming elk herd East of the Mississippi River lives! Or if you rather,”God’s Country”. Centrally located in the tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Wolverine is blessed with beautiful hills, wooded forests, and plenty of fresh water streams, lakes & rivers. A wonderful place to visit or call home.

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