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Easter Sunday School at Home


Video intro

Lesson: The Risen Saviour



Matthew 28:1-10, dramatized:


Grades 3-6

Young Adults

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Empty Tomb Paper Plate Craft


  • Large paper plate
  • Black tempra paint
  • Brown or grey tempra paint
  • Brown paper lunch bag (or maybe two)
  • Scissors
  • White glue or a stapler


Paper Bead Cross Necklace


  • scrap paper:  here are some ideas
  • something long and round to wrap the beads around:  — younger children will need something fatter (so the beads have a big hole) and older children can use something as thin as a toothpick.
  • glue (we used a glue stick, but regular white glue works too)
  • scissors
  • OPTIONAL:    clear (or fairly light) nailpolish
  • string, wool or ribbon (it has to fit through the hole in the beads so must be thinner than the long and round base you’ve chosen)


Stop Motion Story of the Resurrection:

Use Legos, Playdough, or other to create a stop motion movie. 

Suggested Smart Phone Appgoogle play store

itunes store

Stop Motion Studio

Tips on Stop Motion

As a Family

Make Resurrection Cookies DIY Resurrection Eggs Make Hot Cross Buns
Sing: One Day Sing He Arose! Sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today!

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